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Overcoming Impossible Odds Obstacle Race

 Want to test your mental and physical state!? 

Come join other like-minded and motivated individuals in a jolly fun Obstacle Race located at

SCE Fitness at 104 W 3rd Ave

on December 1st, 2018.  

Click below to reserve your spot, we have limited space and it will fill up fast!

Overcoming Impossible Odds (or OIO) is an obstacle race created by Spartan SGX Coach and owner of SCE Fitness, K.Jay Davis, to test your current mental and physical state. Throughout each year the balance of life, health and sensitivity to the adaption of stimulus placed upon the body will either come with great reward, mediocracy or disappointment.

This race is designed to take what you have learned in your gym family and apply all that you know through a well rounded and balanced race that will affect you at every level of fitness for every person's individual level of fitness. 

We will have elites, competitive and open start times for each level of fitness. The elites and competitive will have 4-8 miles and 20+ obstacles/exercises. The elites and competitive groups will be held to the highest standards, if unable to accomplish each exercise/obstacle 30 burps will be awarded. 

Open will have 2-4 miles and 12+ obstacles/exercises. We will have a cap of 40 people in all and no more. We desire you to have the best experience and to make sure you do, we will have officials working with you through each corner of your race. 6 people in each heat, (we may have more) the goal is to have each level of competition go off at the same time. For example: Elites go off all at once, Competitive go off all at once and open go off all at once. As we draw closer to the start of this race and I see that you have bought your ticket, marked yourself interested or going or have emailed me, you will get cool hint drops, proper form, up coming obstacles, exercises and detailed information about your race experience, you will know what lies ahead... 

This race will be held at least once a year at SCE Fitness with minimal to no changes for the first 2 years.This will also allow you to see yourself become most efficient and will be a great spring board for your Spartan, Triathlons, Tough mutters, marathons etc... races. 

Consistency mixed with intensity will prove you a victor or will help to reveal what you need to work on for the rest of the year and next. No worries we all have something to work on! Either way you will meet fellow friends and athletes who you can learn and grow from building a comradely as Iron sharpens Iron so shall we sharpen one another in and out of the gym.

What You Will Earn:

*All finishers get a one of a kind killer cool 

*All Finishers get a Champions Finishers Shirt! 

*Top 3 winners in each level of fitness will 
receive special rewards and gifts.

*All Finishers will get memorable experience 
of doing something amazingly hard and finish what they thought impossible!

Registration cost $75