My journey towards a healthy lifestyle started 3 years ago just before my 50th birthday. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired as well as never feeling good or having any energy. I tried doing workouts on my own for a few months but I wasn't making much progress or getting the results I wanted. Then I saw KJay's (SCE Fitness) notice at the gym for a 6 week boot camp. I decided it was time to try something different....hey it was only for 6 weeks!

I started with KJay's boot camp with my only goals being to lose weight and tone up my body. It wasn't easy at first and my body felt muscles I didn't know existed. But KJay has such energy and he made the class fun. It also helped me to be with others who were doing it with me and feeling the pain too. It was just the extra push and accountability I needed. Finally I started seeing results and my energy level increased. ( My family even noticed it!) As I felt better then it motivated me to keep going. KJay was so encouraging and would help me in doing tweaks to my exercise routine as well as my nutrition. (I even took up can ask KJay the back story on that if you are interested. ;0)

Now 3 years later after working with KJay at SCE Fitness, I can proudly say the results have finally come! As of today I have lost 14 lbs and 20 inches overall. In addition, my body fat went from 35.5% to 12.43%. It has enabled me to do activities I didn't have the confidence to try or think I could do. This healthy lifestyle has led me to actually run Bloomsday the last 2 years, complete a half marathon, and complete 6 Spartan races consisting of 2 Sprints, 2 Supers and 2 Beasts. Plus an added bonus was placing in the top of my age group which I have never experienced before!

None of this would have been possible without KJay's training as well as the encouragement from working out with others who push you to do your best and to do more than you think you could do.

If you desire a change like I did and want to enjoy your life to the fullest then you have to come be a part of what is happening at SCE Fitness. Pick up your phone to call or text KJay now! You will not regret it...I am sure glad I did!!

Rhonda Bogart

My work out buddy and I have been working with KJ as our personal trainer for the past few months. He is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate trainer. Every session he pushes us harder and farther and I have found myself doing things that I never thought I could. Although he knows his stuff and is always bringing us innovative and fun workouts, I feel it is his faith in God, his passion for fitness, and the way he cares about his clients that sets him apart. Anyone can teach you how to do exercises. But not every trainer makes it their personal mission for you to reach your goals. He always goes above and beyond, sending encouraging texts, follow up to questions asked in our sessions, addressing our concerns, and doing all that he can to ensure we are going to see the results we are seeking. KJ is the real deal!  

Annalisa Parlee 

KJay, a personal trainer, respectfully approached me downtown, and asked if I would like to have a free training session with him. What he didn’t know was that I had hardly ever been in a gym in my life and would have never walked into one to inquire about it. That was in August and now it’s December. KJay has assisted me as a personal trainer, helping me get to achieve my goals. He is teaching me how to use the machines independently, how to exercise to strengthen my core and cardiovascular system, and how to eat well. My goals are my own but I have experienced encouragement, hints along the way, friendly and genuine interest from Kjay. Most of all I have seen results. I have lost 24 inches and 7 pounds of fat on my body and I am feeling good with more energy than I have ever had. I look forward to continued results and I am most appreciative that KJay stopped me along the way.

Peg Troske

I have struggled with weight issues ever since I can remember, from not working out enough to not eating right, I have always had problems. I met K.Jay and thought he would help me meet my weight goals but then I started working out with him and learned SO MUCH MORE. Yes, I have lost weight but I have gained confidence in myself. I have learned that my limits mean nothing, I can go far 
beyond what I thought was capable of. K.Jay will be your biggest cheerleader, he encourages you to not just do things but to do them right. He takes time to explain nutrition and really helps you understand why you're supposed to be eating right and all the benefits. I haven’t reached my weight goal yet, but for the first time in my life I truly believe I can and that all thanks to K.Jay 

Ruth Anderson

About 9 months ago I first sat down with K Jay for a consultation about possibly starting a workout routine with the goal to just get in shape. That meeting has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. K Jay has radically challenged the view I had of my self and he has continued to push me to reach my true potential. He has a unique gift to meet people where they are at and push them to become all they can be if only they just believe it possible. After 9 months I finally believe in the impossible and am now training to run the Super Spartan this October in Seattle. K Jay has been my biggest motivator, fan, and friend in my journey to become a better me. If it were not for K Jay I would not be pursuing a better future and life for my self. So thank you friend for being faithful, true, and ready to help me along in this journey of life. So to anyone out there looking for a trainer to help you become a better you, I highly recommend K Jay. K Jay is AWESOME!!! 

Anthony Connington

I've been working with K Jay since 1-7-14, shortly after he started coming to my church. I have to admit that I tried his patience at first. I complained that our sessions were too early in the morning, I made faces at some of the things he asked me to do in the gym, and I wasn’t excited about making some of the changes K Jay wanted me to make in my eating. K Jay never let me get discouraged and helped me to figure out a food plan that would work for me. I started to make gradual changes, and since then, I have lost 38 lbs. and 18 inches. I’m wearing smaller sizes and I’ve given up an anti-depressant that I was on for a long time! I enjoy coming to the gym now, and I get along a lot better with K Jay now that we can both get excited about my progress. 

Pam Short

When I first met Kjay I was blown away on how down to earth he was. He is not your typical personal trainer. He cares, he listens and if you are committed he will be committed to you. I came to Kjay to get my body fat tested. I was hoping to be below 20% but no luck I found out I was at 26% this was disappointing. I was getting ready to test for the Washington State Patrol. They only problem was I couldn’t pass the PT testing and I was 10lbs over weight, and 6% body fat over the weight wavier. After talking with Kjay I decided to do some one on one training, from June to the end of July we worked together and I went from no way I could pass the PT test to crushing it, I also lost the ten pounds needed to get under my weight limit!! Kjay asked me if I wanted to check out his PAS60 class. This is a group class he teaches. I came out to class and loved it! With his help and the grace of God we have accomplished a ton together. By mid November my body fat% is now at 19% I am stronger than ever and well on my way to becoming a WSP Trooper. I highly recommend Kjay, he is an amazing person and great motivator and best of all a fantastic trainer who really cares. 

Eric Tipton

Before I started training with KJay, I didn't really know what I was doing when it came to working out. I wasn't getting the results I wanted on my own and I realized I needed professional guidance in order to reach my fitness goals. I started working with KJay and it was just the push I needed! By strictly sticking to his meal plans and exercise program I have been able to achieve great results in a short period of time. In 3 months I have lost 11 pounds of fat, 14.5 inches and lowered my body fat percentage to 10.19%. Under his guidance I have learned how to work out with proper form and technique and also adopted healthy eating habits. KJay's fitness program is challenging and creative, so I actually look forward to working out because I never get bored. He carefully monitors my progress which motivates me to continue to improve myself and strive for fitness goals that I thought were beyond my reach. He always pushes me to challenge myself. As a result I am stronger, my endurance has increased and I have more confidence. Having a trainer who genuinely believes in you makes a worlds difference and I'm so happy to have KJay as my personal trainer. He is extremely hard-working and goes above and beyond in helping his clients achieve their goals! I highly recommend KJay to anyone who is ready to take their fitness to the next level!!! 

Cami Lopez

In October of 2016, I started my journey with K.Jay Davis at SCE. What a positive move that has been. I truly enjoy getting up early and going to “work out class”. I have lost approximately 35 % of my body fat and gained 15% muscle mass. I am down about two sizes as well. I sleep better, have more energy, look better and am healthier. I have learned a lot while being encouraged to do my personal best every time I work out. The combination of class with a few other people and the one on one times with K.Jay has really worked well for me. K.Jay has a wealth of excellent advice and the experience to back it up. K.Jay truly walks his talk. I highly recommend SCE. 

Sara Kelly

Ever since I met K.Jay, he has had an intense passion for personal fitness and growth. I have watched him create his business and spread his knowledge to everyone he comes in contact with. His ultimate goal is for his clients to reach their goals. This is why he is so successful at what he does! Although I'm the last person in the world who likes to work out and watch what I eat, K.Jay has made it a personal effort to teach me to make food that is healthy and that tastes good! Eating good isn't that bad after all!! After I had our son in 2013, I weighed in over 200 pounds. Today, I weigh 125 pounds and feel and look great! Thank you K.Jay for helping me get my pre-baby body back when I thought I would never see it again!​

Heather Davis

I have been gradually gaining weight since my 2nd child, 13 years ago. I kept telling myself throughout the years that I would never get heavier than I am right now. That way of thinking failed me so many times and I finally got to a point where I couldn't live the way I was living anymore. It was my daughter who found SCE fitness and called KJay to set up an appointment. The 1st time I met KJay, I knew that I could not let this opportunity pass me by. His experience and credentials spoke for themselves. Since that day 4 months ago,  I have lost almost 30 pounds and have dropped almost 3 sizes. Some days are so hard, but I never wanna go back to the way it was before. His motivation and constant involvement in my journey keeps me realizing how truly important this is to me. He promised me that I would change my habits and never look back and for the 1st time in my life I am finally at a point where that is nothing but the truth. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me KJay and I'm so excited to see where I go from here.

Jamie Dale

My name is Kinzie, I'm 24 years old, and this is my testimony...When I frst met KJay to begin my ftness journey, he asked me what my goals were. I told him all I wanted was to complete a Spartan race in 6 months, hopefully in one piece. When I started, I had only ran every now and then and done yoga fairly consistently, no heavy lifting at all. I have always been skinny, but knew I was going to have to get strong if I wanted to complete 30 obstacles and run nearly 6 miles on a Montana mountain. It was difficult for me to do 10 push-ups on my toes in the beginning. Now I am doing 42 push ups in one minute (with proper form that I was never quite taught before meeting KJay). As I proceeded in training and started to gain more confdence, he quickly encouraged me to join the Spartan vets in their workout classes only one month in. I was terrifed. But he knew I could do it, and he was right. Soon I fit right in with all of these incredible athletes that he had been molding for years. KJay always says, “Iron
sharpens iron” and again, he is right. Each week I felt myself getting stronger. At each PT test (we had one about every other month) I improved more and more. I tore down walls with his help and encouragement. I was carrying a 60lb sandbag up 5 flights of stairs with ease, climbing the rope for fun, running a total of 20 miles per week, and was able to pull almost three times my body weight attached to a rope
across the gym. To say my body was amazing me every day is an understatement. When May rolled around, it was the month of the race. At this point, I knew I could fnish without quitting. Quitting is never an option. But I was also having to do the race on my own. My dad had trained with KJay and I leading up to the race, and the day before broke his fibula in the Beast race. I really had to call on Jesus and trust in KJay's training. I could do this. The race was by far the hardest, best thing I have ever accomplished in my life. It pushed me harder than ever been pushed before, but I welcomed the challenges because KJay had gotten me used to overcoming any challenge that comes my way. The race is designed to mentally and
physically push you to your limits. I felt myself keep saying “you can do this, you can do this.” By the time I fnished my adrenaline was pumping. It was the best feeling of pure accomplishment. I fnished in one piece, just like my goal. However when I looked at my time, I was blown away. I fnished the race in 2 hours and 22 minutes. I was number one in my age group (20-24), was the 14th female to finish, and finished in 75th place overall. Working out had always been something you do for sports. But now I look at fitness in a completely different light. It's a lifestyle. And I know people say that all the time, but it is. Before meeting KJay I ate whatever I wanted, ran only if I needed to relieve some stress, did yoga to clear my mind, etc. But working out with the SCE
team, or as I like to call them, my SCE fitness family, it changed the way I looked at my body. It made me realize how precious it is. It needs proper fuel for it to run successfully. 7 months ago, my life changed walking in to the SCE ftness studio. I started using protein powder and BCAA powder after every work out. I started eating healthy. I felt my mind, body, and spirit all connecting and working as one cohesive unit. Now I feel confdent that I have the ability to do absolutely anything I put my
mind to. Thank you KJay, for being my guide and constant supporter through it all. If you want to change your life too, or want to do well in one of these Spartan races, KJay is the man to call!

Kinzie Peterson

Several years ago I knew that it was time to make some serious changes in my life. For years I disrespected my body and myself 
by seeking unhealthy ways to cope during difficult times. I knew that I was going to have a family someday and I wanted to ensure that we would be set on the best path forward.
      I started by going to a generic personal trainer, I lost a few pounds but was not enthusiastic about the process. Wanting to see more results, I added extra workouts by joining the classes that Kjay was offering during lunches at my work. Meeting KJay was a huge 
turning point for me. His style of inspiration, motivation and insane workouts was exactly what I needed to figure out what was holding 
me back and get a glimpse of all that I could do. I have moved all my workouts to SCE Fitness because not only are the workouts fun and effective, the community of people is incredible.
      One of the best things that happened was that I signed up for a Spartan Sprint without actually knowing what it entailed. Terrified, 
I increased my workouts to prepare. In a short span of time I was seeing huge changes and doing things I would have never thought 
I could do, like monkey bars and enjoying running.
      Recently I joined the SCE food program, it was a huge wakeup call to see what healthy portions look like compared to what I had 
been consuming prior. I participated for several months as I put together my own plan and recipes, which I have begun to try out. I match the serving sizes from the plan, carry snacks and realized how yucky processed meat is!
      I have lost over 50 pounds and increased my lean body mass, but the best benefits have been the simple ones. I can breathe better 
and I can move easier. I have started doing a lot more of the things I love like being in nature and camping. This July I turn 30 years old 
and I am entering the new decade more fit and healthy than I have ever been. I am looking forward to working harder, digging deeper and uncovering new possibilities. All I have to do is show up and put in the effort

Elena Mierau

Hi, my name is Alf Kasempiyarom, I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Kj who is a dedicated personal trainer. I decided to work with Kj to cut down my body fat and improve my athleticism. I have had his instruction in training and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in weight training techniques and nutrition’s he is also, a lot of fun. His attitude is inspiring and I have gleaned from Kj to always give 100% to my workout. Weight training is psychological thing, if you think you can do it you will make it. I have lost 7 pounds of fat in two months and seen significant gains in muscle definition. I have been given the exercises what to do, eat, and how to rest during intense regimens. I have reaped the rewards early and look forward to improving to my peak. I would like to recommend Kj for anyone interested in improving muscular performance and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Alf Kasempiyarom

I've been in shape and out of shape most of my life. This was a point in life where I did not work out and ate and drank everything.  Basically, out of control. I joined the SCE Fitness program in late January 2015. Due to my travel for work, sometimes I would miss a few weeks every month. K.Jay would give me workouts to do in the hotel, which really helped me to stay focused. K.Jay taught me how to exercise the right way, to burn fat and build lean muscle. During these exercises he would push me to my limits and beyond. It was this push that I needed to get back on track physically. K.Jay's workouts have made me stronger and more fit than I have been in a very long time. I could have achieved better results with a more strict meal plan, but, the workouts alone keep me on track, and progressing in the right direction. I have more results I would like to achieve, but these first year results don't lie. I just wanted to thank you K.Jay for getting me back into shape.

Dave Bellagio

Call us:919-210-4709

I have been working out with KJ for a little over two years. Prior to starting with him I had been running twice a week on 3-4mi runs and working out with free weights 3 days a week. I was making progress but always seemed to plateau, so I decided to talk to KJ and figure out a plan where I could make some strong and lasting breakthroughs. With that in mind I told him my goals were to drop my body fat percentage, but increase strength in a couple key zones. Core strength, pull-ups, and building an explosive lower body were my primary targets. We started out with some high intensity workouts and plyometric routines that changed every week. He also adjusted my nutrition and gradually got me on a healthy track that was very maintainable. The result was going from maybe a half dozen pull ups to 26 the last time I weighed in. My core is stronger than ever and my legs never wear down on any of the hikes I take. We did this well managing to decrease fat percentage from 21.17% down to 11.48%. I would still be working out with KJ today had I not moved out of town. He set me up with a great program that I can make last and will continue to pursue my fitness goals. I can’t speak highly enough of how helpful KJ was and what a good friend he became.

Charlie Phillips​

I started working out with K.Jay Davis in October of 2012.  When I first met with K.Jay, I was very skeptical of what help he could give me.  I had been to many gyms and trainers by this point and never did seem to find the best fit.  I was very driven to lose the weight and to learn how to exercise. K.Jay was patient with me as we worked out and gained a trust with each other.  I have learned so much about eating better, about how to understand the changes in my body, and have learned to listen to it when the workout was too much. K.Jay is more than a trainer he is a counselor, a motivator, a drill sergeant, and my greatest cheerleader for all the small milestones and successes. As a trainer, he will push you to succeed. All you need is the right attitude and motivation to keep coming back. 

Jennifer Preston 

The large picture taken of me was at the time of my father's last days. I learned a lesson then, there are two kinds of people in the nursing homes...the ones who can walk, and the ones who can't. 
    My story is 20 years in the making and I did not become 295lbs overnight, nor did it go away without a solid commitment of time. I became dissatisfied with my size and how I felt about 13 years ago. The kids were teenagers and family vacations were a priority. I first realized I might be a little overweight when I could no longer slide into the seat at McDonalds (eat cheap, travel further). Another 
wake up call was on an amusement ride at 6 flags, it took two employees to close the door on the ride, one held the gate shut, the other latched it closed. One other factor helped me change; I hated dealing with the sales staff at my neighborhood Big & Tall store. 
    To change, I chose an activity that I enjoyed and began doing that activity every day at the same time. 5 minutes became 10, became 15 and so on. Twice I thought of stopping, but instead both times I doubled my workout and kept going. I was encouraged by compliments but more so by feeling better. I set one month goals then broke the months into weeks. Reachable and more manageable I eventually lost 50lbs riding a stationary bike. 
    But then an injury; I fell onto a city street and injured my spine causing high levels of sciatica pain. A family gift helps me stay in 
touch with reality, “I belong to the exercise for life club”. There is good pain and God pain. Through exercise and another trainer I was able to cure the back pain by engaging and strengthening my core and other muscles. 
    My introduction to Kjay was God scheduling a much needed medical intervention into my self destructive workout program. I am an example of what not to do while losing weight. I was anemic for at least 3 years, my blood lacked red blood cells. I turned 85lbs of fat into sweat and left it on the gym floor. But I was unhealthy - 
because I considered food my enemy. One meal and one snack per day was all I ate while doing 2 hours of cardio and 30 minutes of 
yoga 5 days a week. When Kjay overheard two of us at the gym say we never eat before a workout, I still remember “NO! NO! NO!” 
Kjay intervened and saved me from poor nutritional habits. 
    Kjay teaches me how to manage my nutritional needs before, during and after workouts. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition saves me from serious health problems. By following Kjay's advice, my anemia is gone. If you want to be healthy – “Do what Kjay says”. -- The right trainer who listens and knows his individual clients is Kjay. No longer anemic, my muscles are growing, my fat is reducing and my health is improving. 

Mike Gifford

One day I was working out doing my normal routine when I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I thought to myself that I really need someone to help me get in shape and be healthy. The first person that came to mind was Kjay. I had met him a few years before while he was working at a local gym. He stuck in my mind because even though I was not a client he made it a point to talk to me ask how my day was or check up on how things we're going in my life. The gym had offered a free training session and I took Kjay up on the offer. We talked for a bit before we had the session and I told him about specific health issues I was currently going through. He took the time to research how he could help me before we met for the session. During the session he was careful and walked me through how to do the exercises and to make sure I wasn't hurting. 
I have been working with him now for a little over a year and he hasn't changed at all. He is still mindful of what is going on and how you feel. Not only does he make sure you are doing the exercises correctly he gives you the gentle yet firm push you need to keep going. I have lost 15.5 inches and 22.47 pounds of body fat and gained 6 pounds of lean body tissue in a little over a year working with him. I feel so much better and have more energy to play with munchkin.

Rachel Hendrickson​

It all started in college. The stress levels were at an ultimate high. I did not deal with the stress in a healthy way. I turned to eating for comfort and didn't see the inside of the gym for a couple of years. It's amazing how you come up with excuses not to be healthy. Once I graduated and got my first job, my habits did become much better! For one, I found myself walking/running all day during a shirt at the hospital. I started going to the gym after work and my sleep was better. Then I went to a night shift position and my sleep/wake cycle became out of whack. I tried to work out as much as possible but I felt like a zombie 24/7. After a year of discomfort and a horrible case of insomnia, I moved into a part-time evening shift position. I decided my health and happiness was more important than anything else and went back to the gym.  This is where Kjay comes in. I wasn't losing the weight as fast as I wanted and had hit a wall. I didn't know what I was doing wrong: elliptical and a few weight machines, right? Oh it is so much more than that!! I was referred to Kjay through a very good friend. After telling her about my troubles in the gym, she told me she knew the best personal trainer EVER. When I met Kjay, he had such an uplifting and approachable manner about him, I instantly felt like I could accomplish anything. Not only does he work one-on-one with you (until you're completely comfortable enough to join the classes), but provides education on eating and nutrition. Most important, he focuses on the emotional aspect of losing weight. Encouraging and compassionate, Kjay will listen to you and give you the most encouraging words to keep you trucking on your fitness journey. I've been with him for a year now and I can honestly say that I haven't been in this good of shape since high school. Words cannot describe how simply awesome Kjay is, and how much happier I am with my health and overall well-being. I'm getting married soon and feel pretty confident getting into that wedding dress, thanks Kjay!

Rebekah Temerlin

I didn't believe that I could change my physical ability until I met K.Jay In 2008 I got in a car accident and I had a broken pelvis and femur on the left side. I lost the ability to play sports such as football, volleyball and basketball; I couldn't run or walk for more than 15 minutes or jump or bounce. I couldn't sit or lay down for a long time without feeling pain. I met K.Jay in October of 2013. I told him what my plan and goal was, and I thought I was living a dream when I told him my goal was to get in shape, be fit, have a strong body and to solve the problem I had from the car accident. I remember the first day working with him I couldn't do squats. Now after eight months working with this awesome coach, he was my friend, brother and a role model. I lost 14 lbs, 14% body fat lost and I gained 12+ lbs of lean body tissue. I feel good and have confidence in myself. I accomplished my goals because of him. I am so sad to leave this wonderful person. I would stay with him if I was not leaving the states.

Mohammed Maidan


I started working with K.Jay about 4 months after I had my baby. I didn't exercise or eat properly during my pregnancy and I was left with a lot of weight to lose and a lifestyle change to make. Working out was very hard at first and I was having a hard time committing to it. K.Jay continuously supported me and encouraged me to keep going and never let me quit. I tried to give up a few times but he always reminded me why I started this journey in the first place and reminded me to put myself first sometimes. I think a lot of moms put themselves last in their long list of responsibilities but health and wellness should not be last. K.Jay helped me find a good balance between being a mom, a student, and a healthy person. And I came to find out that being a healthy person made the other parts of my life easier! I was more engaged in school and had more energy to play with my baby. I still have more to do to get to my ultimate goal, but K.Jay has truly helped me make a lifestyle change that is going to last and I know I will get to where I want to be in no time.

Amanda Foss

I was at a stage where I knew I needed to change my habits and the way things were going. The first step was to join a fitness club. The first thing I did was join a swimming class. Then I needed to learn how to use the machines they had there. I asked for a trainer to help me increase my exercise program. After meeting Kjay, he got me on the treadmill and though there was a long road ahead of me, Kjay was a God send for me. Now, the treadmill is my best friend. I lost 7lbs of fat, 12.5 inches and gained 5lbs of lean body tissue in one month! How awesome! I use it two to three times a week, he is a great and patient man to deal with a 77 year old client. It took Kjay to get me going on the right path of my life, for the rest of my life. Thank you, Kjay for all you have done for me! 

Erma Rountry 


I lost 50 pounds and 45 inches in six months working with K.Jay as my trainer. Thanks to K.Jay’s knowledge and encouragement, I am now in much better health and happier with myself. Three years ago, I stopped working out and slipped into unhealthy eating habits, gaining 50 pounds. When I couldn’t keep up with my friends snow skiing a year ago due to my heart racing, I went to the doctor. Overweight and discouraged, I was put on high blood pressure medication for the first time in my life – the doctor said I really needed to lose weight and start exercising so my blood pressure would return to normal. So, I looked for a trainer and was fortunate to find K.Jay Davis. I have been very pleased with my progress under K.Jay’s watchful care and am now in much better health. K.Jay not only shows me how to exercise, but also provides excellent advice on healthy meal plans for me to use. I think the key to my transformation is pretty simple – listen and follow what K.Jay says; weight loss and better health will result. This winter, I am skiing with lots of endurance and having fun with my friends again. Although I am not yet where I want to be in strength and muscle definition, I am confident this will happen next as K.Jay continues to train and coach me.

Mark Anderson

The picture on my left was last year where I was probably at the heaviest I had ever been. I was desperate for change and in June I sat down and talked with KJay about how to reach my goals. We talked about my fears and frustrations because at SCE it's not just about your body, but your mind as well. KJay really inspired me to believe that I could meet my goals with consistency and determination. And so my journey began....

4 months later and I've put on 26+ pounds of muscle (snowboard season here I come! [😉] ). Lost over 14+ pounds of fat, went down two shirt and pant sizes, and can finally do a full body push up! As proud as I am of these results, I'm more proud of my ever improving mindset when it comes to my fitness. This is my new lifestyle and it's not always easy. I despise burpees and bucket carries [😆]  as KJay well knows. I'm not perfect with food, some workouts I struggle and get frustrated, but I continue to push forward. SCE Fitness isn't just a spartan gym, it's a community of people reaching for their goals together. We support and encourage each other, we lift each other up...sometimes literally haha! I can't wait to see what we accomplish in the next 6 months!

Mereana McGreevy

I have had a personal trainer for 2 years. I have been active throughout my life. I am 63 years old. What I experienced with a trainer is that I work harder. I do it so I do not injure myself and do it more consistently. The benefit for me is feeling stronger, healthier, losing weight and continuing to do my physical job as a nurse. I have had several trainers, but K.Jay has been the best.

​Emily Milstead

Having been an athlete growing up, and continuing to be involved in sports as an adult, imagine my surprise waking up one day to discover I had gained about 30 unwanted pounds, spurred by the onslaught of menopause. I was depressed to say the least, but determined to do something about it. I joined Specialty Training Inc with my bestie, and we started working out a few days a week. I remember seeing KJay there, working with his clients, and sometimes my friend and I would try to copy an exercise we would see his client doing, although our technique was usually wrong!! One day KJay came over and showed us the correct way to do one of them, and he was extremely nice about it. That was the day I started thinking about possibly getting into a workout program with KJay. And after stalling on my own weight loss efforts, (I'd lost about 8 lbs on my own) I decided to go for it. So in May, 2014, weighing in at about 210, I began my journey with KJay. It hasn't been easy, but it has been rewarding tenfold, and I couldn't be happier. When I look at where I was, and where I am now, I am forever grateful for making that move to a better me. KJay is such a positive motivator, and his determination to get you to your goals makes you a believer, and gets you results. So far, I have lost 28lbs,19 inches and almost 13% body fat. I still have goals I'd like to reach, and I know that KJay will help me, motivate me and get me to where I want to be, and do it it all with a smile.

Denise Jennings​

During the process of losing weight, gaining strength and bettering my nutrition, something else happened to me that I NEVER expected! I have to start with a little background about me, I am a wife and mother who will be 50 soon. I can honestly say that I have been fighting with my weight my entire life. As early as kindergarten I can remember having the feeling that I was "bigger" than everyone else. As I grew older my thoughts became worse about my self-image and in a way I gave up on ever being comfortable in my own skin. We moved to Spokane from Texas a year and a half ago and my weight went sky high. The highest it has ever been! It was enough to scare me! I was so thankful for a friend of my husband's from work sharing about Kjay. Meeting with him was my first "hurdle'􀀏 I was so nervous, yet excited to meet with him. That day marked a new start for me. For months since then, I have seen the progress of my ''gaining a healthy lifestyle'􀀏 But the ONE thing that I didn't expect was the MENTAL SHIFT (for lack of a better term) that has taken place in my thinking. I used to pray on my way to workout that I would "survive'􀀏 No joke, my heart wasn't fully invested .. but I went and hoped I could make it through. Now I find myself daydreaming wondering what all / WILL be able to do one day. I Look ahead and dream big plans for my life that include a healthy me! This is totally new for me! I had given up hope on becoming all that God has created me to be! Now on my way to workout, I pray for strength and instead of wondering "will I survive?" I wonder instead "what will I be able to accomplish today?" I am constantly reminded that with every workout, every time I eat right, sleep right, etc ... it puts me one step closer to my ultimate goal of being the healthiest version of me that I can be. I will forever be grateful and thankful that God led me to SCE!! I still have a ways to go but I'm confident I will reach my goals! Kjay and Heather are the best! 

Lori Wood

What Our Clients Have To Say

Meeting KJay in May of 2016 was exactly what I needed for my health and emotional well-being. For so many years, my weight loss successes were temporary because I was out to “lose weight.” Once the weight was lost, so were the behaviors that got me there. Before long, my weight would creep back up and I would be at even a higher weight. My weight peaked in May of 2015. At 5’ 2”, I was carrying 220 pounds. Besides having low energy, I was constantly sick. I developed serious asthma and was embarrassed by my snoring. I resolved to make a life-style change, but once again, found myself
in the “lose weight” mindset. It wasn’t until my husband’s co-worker introduced us to KJay, that I found what I yearned for. I’ve been impressed by KJay’s genuine care and concern for our well-being. He is personable, approachable, humble, creative and fun. He knows when to push us and when to be gentle with us. He knows how to fix our problems and how to lovingly hold us accountable. He was even willing to receive hundreds of texts from me recording my daily food intake. His feedback and accountability is what helped me experience my breakthrough in my weight loss. I’m now down almost 40 pounds. My body fat percentage has dropped
from 56% to 35%. My resting heart rate has dropped from 82 to 62. My snoring is gone and so is my asthma! Before, I could barely run a mile. Now, I can run Bloomsday without walking! I’ve completed a couple of Sprint
Triathlons and look forward to improving my performance. KJay’s guidance has helped prevent physical injury and his nutritional
expertise has brought the health, healing and peace I was missing. It’s hard to have peace when you know you’re not doing the right thing. Even though I wanted to do the right thing, I didn’t always know how. Thanks KJay for inspiring Joe and I to come and find the physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.
If you are looking for a life-style change, SCE is the place to be! You’ll find an excellent trainer, a caring community and intense workouts! It is here that I’ve found physical health and emotional healing.

Tina Amado

When I started with KJay in Feb 2015, I weighed 199.9 and had 24% body fat. Fifteen months later I weigh 179 lbs., have a body fat of 15.53% and have lost 16.5 inches overall. My initial goal was to get ready for the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride. This is a 2 day 100 mile per day ride that I wanted to do for 20 years and it was 5 short months away. My motto was “failure is not an option!” I nailed it! Rather I should say Kjay helped me nail it! I felt great and exceeded my expectations on an event I wouldn't have trained very well for by myself.

After the STP I continued my 1 on 1 training with KJay and joined the group workout sessions. This is great for encouragement; accountability (it helps that my wife is in the class also) and exciting to see the others in the group achieve their goals and successes. One year ago I couldn’t run one mile without stopping. Today I can do up to 14 miles. So far I have completed Bloomsday and the Spartan BEAST (check out the Spartan website, this is not your “lets run through mud” race!). I am training to do the STP again, and run the remaining two Spartan races to get my “Trifecta”. At some point a marathon is in my future.

The benefits of KJay’s training is physical and mental improvements as well. When you learn to bust through the wall in training, that translates into busting through the mental wall at work on hard issues as well. Stress will always be a part of one’s job to a degree, but the physical training has helped my level of stress drop significantly and increased my attitude to tackle the difficulties at work.

One also learns better time management. Physical training takes time; you learn what is important to spend your time on and what to give up (TV). Anything worthwhile in life takes time and money. The investment one pays today in dollars for training will pay dividends later in better health and wellness.

KJay is an outstanding professional who is not only concerned about one’s training and achievements, but the person as a whole. Not only will he help in you with fitness, but with nutrition, sleeping habits and goal setting as well.

I highly recommend KJay and implore (encourage) you to call him TODAY! For a consultation.

Greg Bogart